I have been extremely happy with the advice from my advisor as well as the ongoing support regarding my UK pension transfer… At every step of the way, they have been communicative and been able to explain each step to me in layman's terms. I would highly recommend to other people.

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Our AHR Private Wealth Pension Transfer Guide helps you unlock all the benefits a personal pension can provide.

Why AHR Private Wealth can help you unlock the benefits of a personal pension.

AHR Private Wealth is the largest, independent cross-border advisory firm in the world.

We specialise and advise on UK pension transfers for expats in Australia, the USA, and across the globe from 5 international offices.

You will receive advice that is fully insured, UK FCA regulated, by a pension transfer specialist operating under the Gold Standard Pension Transfer Guidelines.

Meet some of the advisory team

Meet some of the advisory team:

Meet our experts
  • James Ferguson

    Private Wealth Director

    James was instrumental in helping me with the consolidation of my pension funds. It was done remotely and I quickly realized James's true professionalism through the process. He was able to reassure me through his financial advise and help me building my confidence that I was doing the right thing.

    I truly recommend James to anybody wishing to optimize their wealth investment returns.

  • Stuart B.

    Private Wealth Director

    If you are like me and many other Brits living in Australia, you will probably have a multitude of old pensions languishing back in the UK. There are many organisations "keen" to help you (they cold call me every other week). A couple of years ago I was approached by Stuart and it was a breath of fresh air. He engaged effectively, explained and discussed options and in the end we consolidated 4 old pensions (2 corporate and 2 private) under the one scheme. Stuart did all the leg work and when we were ready we discussed investment strategies to meet my personal goals. Two years later we have surpassed all of our growth objectives and have now set new goals for the future. If you still have pensions back in the UK, then I would encourage you to reach out to Stuart and let him work through the options with you and set you up for a secure financial future.

  • Ryan Yeomans

    Private Wealth Director

    For an industry which struggles with a reputation Ryan goes against all those negative stereotypes. He's always available, stays in proactive contact with updates without me asking, offers clear advice and sound counsel and is quick to action any questions. I've found him really good to work with and always feel he has my best interests at heart and understands the responsibility he has managing my hard earned finances.

  • Nathan Wennington

    Private Wealth Advisor

    Nathan has been a great help in assisting me to organise my complex web of pensions from the UK. He has helped navigate the regulations both in the UK and Australia. He has been knowledgeable, patient and always very pleasant to deal with.

  • William Burrows

    Co-Founder & Group Managing Director

    I recommend William as his point of difference to other advisors of finance is his excellent honest communication,engaging professional style, time management, expert knowledge and delivering an end product that puts a smile on your face and more money in your pocket. He is not another boring or annoying advisor that contacts you with fake promises. Use him he did a great job for me!

Excellent TrustScore 4.9
  • I think I can say I’m probably one of

    I think I can say I’m probably one of Daniel’s most difficult clients. I was skeptical about financial advisors, like doing things my own way and have managed my pension successfully through a self-managed pension fund for many years. But Daniel is a superbly knowledgeable, trustworthy professional who patiently listened to my aspirations for my retirement, never tired of my ‘what-if’ questions and personalised a pension plan and portfolio which is exactly right for me and the retirement life I want to lead. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants expert and considered advice on the best way to plan and save for your future. Dan is a pleasure to work with and more importantly, knows how to maximise a return on your savings.

  • Joe Woodhouse was recommended to me

    Joe Woodhouse was recommended to me by a number of colleagues. I had my financial services managed by another company and my pension was performing terribly and I got no support from my financial advisor. When I met Joe, I knew immediately that I wanted him to take me on as a client, I haven't looked back since. Joe has managed my portfolio and got my pension performing better than it ever has and he had given me great advice regarding wealth creation products. Joe does not give you the hard sell but what he says is common sense and I trust him implicitly. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Look no further.

  • I am really pleased with the care taken

    I am really pleased with the care taken by James to assist me with my UK pension planning arrangements. He has been diligent, honest and transparent with me throughout the whole process and I couldn't be more happy with the result.

  • I have been extremely happy with the

    I have been extremely happy with the initial advice from my advisor as well as the ongoing support regarding my UK pension transfer to Australia. At every step of the way they have been communicative and been able to explain each step to me in Lehmans terms. I would highly recommend to other people.

  • Great Experience

    Stuart Bichard provided advice to me about a UK pension to ensure that the investment, the platform and the fees were as favourable as possible. He definitely works with his clients‘ best interests at heart, keeps you updated on progress and explains things in simple language.

  • Edmund is very detailed oriented.

    I immediately felt safe in his ability to understand my situation. He helped track down a UK pension of mine and talked me through the options available to me and was open and transparent the whole way through. Edmund's advice was perfect for me and I am glad I followed it.


What you'll learn in this guide:

Get up to speed quickly with this step-by-step comparison of the Defined Benefit Pension and a Personal Pension

Plus, see real-life examples of expats who've already transferred to:

  • Access their 25% tax-free lump sum at age 55
  • Guarantee their spouse 100% of their pension
  • Access their pension from 55
  • Reduce their income tax
  • Mitigate Lifetime Allowance taxes
  • Consolidate all their pensions
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7 Reasons Why Expats are Transferring Their Pensions

  • Guarantee YOUR family get 100% of your pension

    With a Defined Benefit pension, a spouse typically gets 50%. Children over 21 or 18 and working, get 0%. Transferring to a Personal Pension means you not only choose exactly who gets the fund, but also how much, and exactly how they get it—a lump sum or an income

  • It's the best protection against pension fund insolvency

    1/3 of UK final salary schemes have gone bust already & more will continue to do so. A Personal Pension isn't reliant on a company's ability to fund it from revenue—so you can be certain that your pension survives

  • You can even receive the same pension income (AND remove the risk of your employer going bust)

    Simply make the exact same investments that your existing pension trustee is in, all with no reliance on your employer remaining solvent. Plus, you'd get all the additional benefits…

  • Protect your life earnings from the taxman

    With a Defined Benefit Pension, the income tax you pay is defined for you. With a Personal Pension, you choose how & when you pay tax.

  • It's so flexible, you can access tax-free cash now

    A Defined Benefit Pension pays you a monthly income. With a transfer, you can get 25% of your Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV) as a tax-free cash lump sum right now—helping you pay off that mortgage, travel, or help your children get on the property ladder—the rest will go into your Personal Pension

  • It's so flexible, you can get earlier access to your pension

    The normal retirement age is fixed at 60 or 65 & if earlier retirement is an option, it will result in a penalty. A Personal Pension means you can access your pension from 55 years old with no penalty

  • Consolidate & simplify your pension management (wherever you are in the world)

    If you've worked numerous jobs in your career, managing various schemes can be challenging. Consolidating pension accounts provides one clear view of your retirement assets—plus, you needn't worry about the added complexity of what currency your fund is held in. A personal pension offers 12 major currencies to hold funds (so you're not tied to any currency risk)

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AHR works for people in many different situations…

  • AHR Private Wealth... Simply the best!

    I have had my financial affairs managed by Tyla Phillips for some years now.

    As a musician I do not have the time (nor the inclination !) to do this myself, so it is wonderful that Tyla and his associates take extremely good care in looking after my financial affairs.

    Well done to Tyla and all at AHR Private Wealth. I heartily recommend them to anyone who needs financial help. Simply the best!

  • I have no hesitation in recommending

    I have no hesitation in recommending William as a financial advisor as he has provided valuable advice and acted with the utmost professional integrity at all times.

  • I must say I was skeptical when I…

    I must say I was skeptical when I received a call to meet with Daniel. As everyone knows, there are many sharks lurking in the market looking for your money. My fear quickly subsided after our first meeting. Daniel asked me what I wanted to achieve with my investment portfolio and went back to his office to put something together that would meet my objectives. He is very knowledgeable with a no-nonsense approach which I very much appreciate. His knowledge and strength with numbers are impressive to say the least. Daniel also took charge of my old investment portfolio that I have done with another financial institution. He gave me information on the hidden costs I had in my earlier investment which my last Wealth Manager conveniently forgot to mention. After a few amendments to my existing portfolio, my investment was making even more money. Apart from the above, Daniel is excellent at keeping you informed about your investment and the market trends. He meets with you regularly and does not miss a beat that is for sure.

So, what's the catch?

Won't I lose my 'guaranteed' salary for life? I'd prefer security…

Features of the defined benefit plan, such as guaranteed, predictable income, might be preferred by you or your dependent, instead of a lump sum and choice of income.

Final salary pension plans have provided safety and security during retirement years for countless UK pensioners. They provide the peace of mind of a consistent and perpetual income stream– often the sole income stream for many individuals.

In fact, a final salary pension in the UK has traditionally been referred to as a ‘gold-plated‘ pension, but is that label still warranted? Let us explain.

While the defined benefit scheme is appealing, it's far from a guarantee of future income. Only 16% of private-sector UK pensions have a funding level of 100% or more. In other words, a substantial number of employers may not have funding available to deliver payments when it comes time for your retirement.

With 1 in 3 British pension funds having folded (and many more at serious risk of collapsing) it puts your guaranteed income at risk, and we'll tell you why.

When a company pension goes bust it falls into the Pension Protection Fund (PPF). The PPF guarantees an individual 90% of their ‘promised’ pension but the entire pension fund can be revalued—and along with it the value of YOUR ‘guaranteed 90%’. What does this mean?

You could find yourself with less money than you expected during retirement, with no control over getting it back and that is not the only alarming part.

The PPF has recently downgraded its prediction of the probability of its success and, whilst you are reading this, YOUR pension may even be going towards compensating the 1/3 Defined Benefits pensions that have already failed. We'll let you into a lesser known fact.

Not everyone is aware that after you've transferred your pension, you'd have full control of your pension investments—so, if you wanted to receive the same pension income as you'd get with your Defined Benefit pension, you can! Here's how.

You could simply make the exact same investments that your existing pension trustee is in but you'd remove all risk of your previous employer going bust… plus you'd get all the additional benefits, and at no extra work for you—AHR Private Wealth could take care of all of this for you.

How do I know that I am getting good advice from a reliable source? There are a lot of sharks out there just seeking a high commission.

It is very important that you do your research when you consider a pension transfer provider. Any reputable provider will be fully insured, UK FCA regulated, and have AF7 qualified pension transfer specialists, preferably operating under the Gold Standard Pension Transfer Guidelines. Make sure the provider is clear about any fees that you will be expected to pay.

At AHR Private Wealth, we initiate the process with free, customised advice. We‘ll tell you your options, free of charge and we'll handle the admin for you. We can contact your existing pension provider and report back to you with the options you have available. Perhaps you've worked at multiple employers and are not sure where your pensions are? Don't worry, we'll track them all down for you!

This report is totally free and there‘s no commitment to move forward. If we think that a pension transfer is not a good idea, we'll tell you.

The worst-case scenario, is you walk away understanding all your options and satisfied that you have the right pension to suit your needs (and it won't have cost you a penny). Learn more about the free customised report

There may be a charge when it comes to transferring the pension due to the specialist nature of this type of business. This can range from 0-5% of the fund value. If this is the case, we'll highlight this in your customised pension report— which you will receive prior to any fee being agreed—no hidden charges and complete transparency.

What you'll learn in this FREE guide:

Learn how expats all over the world have moved to a personal pension, allowing them to:

  • Access their 25% tax-free lump sum at age 55
  • Guarantee their spouse 100% of their pension
  • Access their pension from 55
  • Reduce their income tax
  • Mitigate Lifetime Allowance taxes
  • Consolidate all their pensions

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Inside this four page free guide, you’ll learn more about what options are available to you as a British expat.

What pension type is relevant to you? *

There's no better time and we'll tell you why

Record-low interest rates from the Bank of England have driven 15-year gilt yields lower in recent years, which has led to historically weak annuity rates. What does this mean for you?

According to XPS, the UK's largest pension consultancy practice, your final salary Cash Equivalent Transfer Values is at an all-time high, but it won't last forever.

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So if you're feeling…

  • Concerned with the legitimacy of a pension transfer and finding a reliable pension company that offers the right advice (not just in their self interest).
  • Aware that you are fast approaching retirement and do not understand your options once you've reached lifetime allowance
  • Worried that your partner and/or children will receive little of your pension scheme
  • Stressed about the current state of the UK pension market and negative press about people losing their pension
  • Concerned that the taxman will take large chunks of your estate/wealth without you having any say on the matter

You're not alone but you can change things…

James Ferguson Private Wealth Director at AHR Private Wealth Your pension is more valuable to you than your mortgage, so why not treat it as such and sit with a UK qualified expert from the worlds leading cross-border advisory

Free no commitment, no-obligation financial advice

Would you like transparent, free advice, from a reliable provider?

Here at AHR Private Wealth, we have helped countless ex-pats gain flexibility, security, and peace of mind. Our team of experts is unrivaled in their expertise, and because we work internationally, you'd never need to look anywhere else for advice—everything is under one roof.

We can create a bespoke, entirely customized report specific to your situation. It will give you 100% transparent advice about what your options are for your UK pension—and is completely free of charge.

We do all the groundwork for you, including finding out what your current pension is worth, and all the admin related to it (which can be sizeable when you have multiple pension puts in the UK!).

Perhaps you've worked at multiple employers and don't know where your pensions are? Don't worry, we'll track them all down for you!

The worst-case scenario? You walk away understanding all your options and are satisfied you have the right pension to suit your needs (and it won't have cost you a penny).

The best? That you unlock all the benefits a personal pension can provide…

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  • A No Commitment Friendly Chat For You To Learn More
  • Mark Boyes

    Private Wealth Director

    Mark‘s advice is clear, no nonsense with a clear breakdown of ALL fees and no hidden long term charges. A refreshing change to financial planning.

  • Andreas Hollas

    Private Wealth Director

    Andreas has provided me with outstanding sterling advice in relation to frozen pension assets I had accumulated in the UK. He took lots of time, care and attention to ensure the advice was appropriate and most efficient for me always bearing in mind my current tax residency (Kenya), the situs location of my assets (UK) and where I intend to live in the future.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Andreas to friends, family and business partners looking for astute sound financial advice as not only is he extremely technical, he is also a pleasure and joy to work with.

    Wishing him and the team much success.

  • Edmund Teasdale

    Private Wealth Advisor

    Edmund patiently took me through the process of transferring my final salary banking pension into a private pension scheme. He took my concerns for security and my attitude to risk seriously throughout. The level of update and contact from his team, especially through the uncertain and volatile time that COVID has presented us with, has been excellent. I feel confident that my funds will be well managed and deliver good growth. I am delighted with my decision of transferring my final salary pension and moreover am delighted and supremely confident in Edmund and indeed the whole AHR team going forward. I feel that my pension fund is in great hands and would highly recommend Ed and AHR to anyone.

William Burrows, Co-founder & Group Managing Director


A pension transfer can be a fantastic decision but isn't for everyone. Our team has years of experience taking expats through the pros and cons of a transfer. If you want to explore your options and see what's right for you, you can book a discovery call today—what is it?

It's a free, no-obligation, fact-finding opportunity. You don't need to prepare a thing. You'll have a friendly chat with a member of the team, ask any questions, and see if you'd like to be referred to a pension transfer specialist to review your situation in detail.

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