Investment Portfolio Management

We understand that no two people are the same when it comes to investment. Your needs and aspirations are unique to you – as is how you choose to manage your wealth. Some people prefer to be hands-on, getting closely involved in every investment decision. Others like a little more guidance, preferring to take advice from proven experts. Still others prefer to remain completely hands-off, not wishing to concern themselves with the ins and outs of investing.

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Managed Portfolio Service (MPS)

Our investment committee have designed and developed 5 Risk-Rated model portfolios for clients to choose from across 3 major currencies. These include;

  • Defensive, Cautious, Balanced, Growth and Speculator.
  • GBP, USD & EUR

This carefully measured, committee-led approach enables us to create and manage portfolios covering the full spectrum of management styles, strategies and asset classes, with a focus on best in class managers in the active portion of the portfolios.

That means that whatever your financial goals, current investment profile and attitude to risk, we can tailor an investment portfolio that fits you like a glove.

Talk to us to discover how our Managed Portfolio can work for you.

Model Portfolio Service Factsheets



MPS Defensive Factsheet Q4 2022



MPS Cautious Factsheet Q4 2022



MPS Balanced Factsheet Q4 2022



MPS Growth Factsheet Q4 2022



MPS Speculator Factsheet Q4 2022

Bespoke Portfolio Management

As your partner in building wealth and security, we are constantly looking for ways to upgrade our offering to exceed your needs and expectations.

One way in which we do this is by appointing a Discretionary Fund Manager. Working in partnership with other carefully selected financial services experts allows us to deliver the best advice and bespoke recommendations to meet your needs more precisely.

There can be many benefits to appointing a Discretionary Fund Manager, including a wider choice of investment options, enhanced performance through active fund management, and increased investment convenience.

Over the years, we’ve built strong relationships with many of the world’s leading Discretionary Fund Managers, and we now have access to some of the financial services industry’s best minds.

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